We can’t believe these aren’t meat: The veterans and up-and-coming faces of plant-based meat in Singapore

Source: thehoneycombers.com

Whether you’re an animal activist or an eco-warrior, these tasty plant-based alternatives in Singapore won’t have you missing the meat.

Gone are the days when going meat-free meant settling for a sad bowl of shrivelled greens. Now, most restaurants and cafes in Singapore offer amazing vegan creations using plant-based meat alternatives. And no, we’re not just talking about Impossible burgers. Through the innovation of food tech startups, the vegan scene is thriving with new and amazing non-meat products. Read on for the best brands and where to find them.

Best plant-based meat alternatives in Singapore

1. Happiee

Now found at over 80 restaurants in Singapore, Happiee’s fast and furious expansion has caught our eye. Several restaurants around the city now feature its plant-based chicken, fish, and crab products – all egg, dairy, and allium-free! Oh, and keep an eye out for the plant-based prawn and calamari launches soon.
Happiee, available online and at multiple restaurants including Cafe Iguana and Orange & Teal

2. Anew Foods

Anew Foods | Plant-based meats in Singapore

Homegrown brand Anew joins the foray into plant-based alternatives with the aim to create healthier versions of our favourite foods. Its first stop is a non-GMO plant-based luncheon meat. It’s available in three different flavours, so you can create your own spam fries with this meat-free alternative which is high in protein, has no trans fat, and no added preservatives.
Anew Foods, available online and in selected Fairprice outlets

3. Green Rebel

Green Rebel | Plant-based meats in Singapore

Have you ever wondered if there are any plant-based alternatives for whole cuts of steak and not just ground meat? Take a look at Green Rebel, an Indonesian startup offering meat-free alternatives for the flexitarian diet. These products include pre-marinated plant-based meats, mushroom patties, and even vegan cheese! Check out the range of beefless meat and create your own meat-free satay or steak.
Green Rebel, available at multiple restaurants including Prive and Love Handle

4. Beyond Meat

Having been around the vegan block for almost a decade, Beyond Meat offers a good range of plant-based meats. From beef patties and Italian sausages to meatballs and ground beef, you can easily veganise your favourite meat dish. Oh, and did we mention its products are free from gluten and soy? A mean feat since those two ingredients are common in vegan items.
Beyond Meat, available at multiple restaurants including Harry’s and Wolf Burgers, and at most supermarkets

5. Impossible Foods

plant-based meat Singapore | Impossible Foods

When the OG plant-based meat Impossible Foods arrived on our sunny shores in 2019, it quickly changed the local vegan dining scene with its beef-like flavour and texture. It’s gone on to appear not only in burgers but also dishes like pizza, pasta and even curry puffs. Now that this plant-based meat is available in supermarkets, you can whip your very own Impossible dish at home.
Impossible Foods, available at multiple restaurants including The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck and Fatburger, and at most supermarkets

6. Heura Foods

Heura has entered the fray stealthily with its vegan chicken strips. We say this soy-based chicken is close to the real thing. How else can it appear in local and Asian dishes without diners batting an eye? You’ll find it in versions of chicken rice, tandoori chicken, Thai chicken basil and even laksa. Now, that’s saying something.
Heura Foods, available online and at multiple restaurants including Prive and Empress

7. Tindle

Plant-based meat Singapore | Tindle

Chicken made from plants? You best believe it’s true! This brand’s local plant-based meat is made up of only nine ingredients, including coconut fat, water, soy and sunflower oil. Plus, it’s free from all the nasties (read: GMOs, antibiotics and hormones) and packs a whopping 19g of protein per 100g. Sink your teeth into creations like chicken strudel at The Market Grill, katsu curry at Prive and chicken manakish at Levant.
Tindle, available at multiple restaurants including Prive, Bees Knees, and Kebabs Faktory

8. Quorn

This UK meat alternative brand knows what’s up when it comes to meatless products. Using mycoprotein to imitate the flavours of meat, the Quorn nuggets taste almost or even better than those from a certain fast-food restaurant. Yes, we’re fully aware they aren’t 100% vegan but we’re willing to make an exception for the taste. If you’re a purist at heart, there are other great options like fishless fingers, vegan fillets and spicy burger patties.
Quorn, available at most supermarkets including Cold Storage and FairPrice 

9. Karana

Plant based meat Singapore | Karana

We’ve covered beef and chicken, so what’s next? Pork, of course. Karana uses sustainably sourced jackfruit (from a small Sri Lankan farm, if you must know) to create a delish pork alternative. We tried the plant-based pot sticker variation from Butcher Boy and we’re sold. Meanwhile, Open Farm Community uses the plant-based meat to recreate shredded pork and stuff it in a bread roll. For more Karana goodness, try variations in restaurants such as Candlenut and Morsels.
Karana, available at multiple restaurants including Atout and Grain Traders

10. OmniMeat

Launched by social venture group Green Monday, OmniMeat is the answer to creating meat-free versions of popular Asian dishes. It might look like minced pork but it’s actually made up of ingredients like rice, peas, shiitake mushrooms and soy. Other popular hits have to be the vegan luncheon meat and meat strips. Once you try the former, you’ll never look back at the real thing.
OmniMeat, available online and at Green Common and most supermarkets

11. Next Meats

The future of plant-based meat is looking mighty bright. Say hello to the world’s first plant-based yakiniku meat. Mostly made of soy, the Japanese alternative meat has twice the amount of protein and half the fat of regular meat. Next Meats has joined hands with Japanese grill chain Aburi-en to present its vegan boneless short rib, Next Kalbi, in two dishes. You can have yours in a donburi bowl or stir-fried with cabbage and eggs.
Next Meats, available at multiple locations including Everyday Vegan Grocer and Ahimsa Cafe

Now, are you ready to go on a vegan adventure with these plant-based meats in Singapore?