Promotion: HAPPIEE! x Greendot

This New Year, we’ve teamed up with Greendot to present joyfully auspicious vegetarian dishes for the perfect festive feasting!

🧧 Prosperity Treasure Reunion Platter 五福临门黄金拼盘 — A tantalising combination of HAPPIEE!™ Squidiee Mala Salad and crispy bites including HAPPIEE!™ Chickiee Popcorn and HAPPIEE!™ Fishiee Sticks.

🧧 Abalone Longevity Crispy Noodles鲍鱼海鲜长寿生面 — Crunchy noodles topped with our HAPPIEE!™ Prawniee, abalone and fresh vegetables, slathered with a rich umami sauce. Oh, and this one is fully vegan.

🧧Blissful Reunion Hot Pot喜庆团圆聚满堂* — An online exclusive, this sumptuous hotpot featuring HAPPIEE!™ Squidiee and HAPPIEE!™ Prawniee is set to impress.

For a limited time only, @greendotsg is giving away a set of HAPPIEE!™ red packets with every purchase of Prosperity Treasure Reunion Platter and Blissful Reunion Hot Pot – for even more HUAT! While stocks last.