HAPPIEE! Is a New Alternative Meat Brand from Growthwell Foods

Source: trendhunter.com

Growthwell Foods, the Singapore-based food manufacturer, has launched a new sub-brand by the name of ‘HAPPIEE!’ that will focus on plant-based food products. HAPPIEE! has debuted with an initial product selection of four different items.

The initial four products that HAPPIEE! has launched include soy-based popcorn chicken, soy-based chicken nuggets, konjac-based fish sticks, and konjac-based fish patties. Each of these products is available in multiple supermarkets and food retailers across Singapore.

On top of being plant-based and vegan, these products are also made to be fit for health-conscious consumers. All four of HAPPIEE!’s products are trans-fat-free and low in other fats. HAPPIEE! is committed to feeding “100 million across Asia with plant-based foods,” as well as contributing to the overall sustainability of the food industry in Singapore.